Friday, January 30, 2009

Read this book!

I Think you've all noticed that I looooove books.
I'm curently reading a specific.. 'romance' that I am absolutely
in love with. The reason I am sad that it is not quite a romance
is because the lady is the reason the man was stolen by the troll
queen and taken away to be married to the troll queen! It broke
my heart... but I don't know whether it ends with a happily-ever
-after or not because I am only half-way through.
3/4 of the book is adventure, 1/4 is boring, slow, beginning romance.


By: Edith Pattou

Young Rose is visited by a mysterious white bear who promises her poor, starving family much fortune if he would be allowed to take Rose away with him.
Rose reluctantly agrees, and soon her life is turned into caos when she sets out on a journey- to

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Read a book

Last night I finished the book "Wishing Moon"
About a beggar girl in Saudi Arabia (Alladin's time)
who, through a series of events, comes in possesion of Aladdin's magic
genie lamp. It's a cute romance, full of adventure and tears.

Now, I'm looking for a really good romance novel to read. I need your help!
You- yes, you there, reading this right now. What is a good romance to read that's
not too complicated (expanded, confusing, old english vocabulary)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A story that I helped my 8 year old sister write for school:

My little sister was supposed to write a story for her 3rd grade class- I just made a few little edits.......

The three little fish and the big, bad shark

Our story begins with 3 little fish under the sea. There names were: Jasper, Carlisle, and Edmund. Jasper’s home was nested inside a dead clam. Carlisle’s home was inside a group of seaweed, and Edmund’s home was deep inside a mess of choral.
Now these three fish were partially happy. They had everything they needed to live, and they had each other, but there was one thing that they wished was not a part of their lives.
Her name was Kaylee the big bad shark. She had razor sharp teeth the size of daggars, and small beady eyes that could detect only the slightest movement. They didn’t like her because, almost as flattered as they were that she had a huge crush on them all, she annoyed them beyond belief.
As we speak, these three little fish sat in their homes, watching water-proof television. (Discovery Channel)
When a sniff outside Jasper’s dead clam, too loud to belong to a little fish- made his needle head eyes wander away from the television. Who would be here at this hour of the day? The fish were biting!
But he knew instantly who it could be. Rolling his eyes, he swam to open up the clam.
And there was Kaylee, clearing her throat in excitement. “What do you want now?” asked Jasper, looking longingly toward his television. Kaylee grinned. “I’ve come to huff and puff and suck your house in!” she exclaimed.
Jasper sighed. “Not more fairy tails please,” he said, and turned around. But before his eyes even saw the television, Kaylee had taken a deep breath (of water) and started to suck up Jasper’s clam house.
Jasper had just managed to swim away into his brother Carlisle’s home of seaweed when Kaylee the shark appeared here, too. Jasper gave his brother a warning glance, and they both snuck silently over to Edmund’s house while Kaylee ate up Carlisle’s house.
Then Jasper and Carlisle explained everything to their extremely smart brother, who was really handy when it came to Houdini type problems.
Edmund smirked and hung a sign on the choral that read: Sleeping- Do not disturb.
When Kaylee reached Edmund’s house, she saw the sign flailing in the water. Sheepish, she turned around and didn’t disturb his house. The three little fish shared a hearty laugh, And were never disturbed.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Word Verification is off

I spent 20 minutes today trying to find out how to turn of the word verification. It isn't easy, you see.
But I accomplished it with lots of help from my computer-nerd friends.
The word verification is off... for good.
I hope everyone is happy and doesn't hate me for not knowing how to turn it off and being freaked out by spammers.
(Who will, unfortunately, be spamming me and stuff because there is no verification.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Look Down

Everyone, please scroll to the very bottom.
-Your Hobo

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Word verification

Guys- My aunt keeps telling me to stop the word verification thing...
It was there from the beginning of time. I didn't put it there. Did you?
How in the world does a person turn off the word verification?