Saturday, September 27, 2008

Batman: Dark Knight

Last night I went with my aunt and saw Dark Knight.

AHHHH! It was pretty dark.

And the Joker is no joker. He's CREEPY!

He cut open a guy's stomach and put a cell-phone in it,

then sewed up the stomach.

Then the guy collapses and police lift up his shirt.

Suddenly.... ring tone. *beera bee bee beera bee bee beera bee bee beeeeeeeeeee....* you see the cell-phone glowing

blue inside the guy's blood-stained stomach.

Seriously, doesn't that look gory? <<<
It says, "Why so serious?"
Joker's father came home one night drunk and started to beat up his wife.
His son, (joker as a little boy) stood there watching in horror.
The father laughed drunkily and strided over to him, taking out a knife.
"Why so serious, son?" he asks, and puts the knife inside his son's mouth.
"Why so serious?" he repeats, and slice's his son's lip, making permanent scars around Joker's mouth that will forever remind Joker to smile.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I need some advice!
I just finished the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, and I'm desperately searching for a good book to read. NOTHING advanced with words like xanthosos or amperthisius or whatever. I'd also like it if it's realistic fiction. You know, like it starts out with a modern day story and turns into complete fantasy, like Harry Potter, for example. It starts out in the muggle world with cars and pianos and toe-nail polish then turns into veritaserium, bezors, thestrals, wizards, crystal balls, centaurs, etc etc.
I like that stuff.
Read any of those books?
NOT Fablehaven, Leven thumps, Theif Lord, I HATE THOSE BOOKS!
Just saying.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

recomended movie

if you haven't already seen this.....

then you have to see it NOW!!!
It is seriously the funniest movie you could possibly imagine.
My dad saw it last night for the first time and explained that "It was the funniest movie I've seen for a long long time!!"
Geez, when I saw it I laughed so hard that I had a stomach ache.
I just can't explain it.
Your blog posting hobo,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not just a cookie monster....

There's only one thing you need to know about me, besides my fly-away, uncontrolable temper, is that I LOVE (I repeat, LOVE!) Deserts.

They're my life.

Here, I drew this picture of all my favorite deserts. You can imagine how many pounds I'm puttin' on!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

brownies = mess

So I made these brownies today that turned out to stick to the cookie pan completely and when I spent 3 minutes scraping one off (i think i forgot to grease the pan) they were un-flavoraful (however you spell it)

and tasted like a glop of over-sized painted brown dust.

I wish they looked and tasted like these:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet movie

Last night at my aunt's house, we watched cute chick-flick

called 13 going on 30 .

It's about a 13 year old geeky-girl with braces and glasses

who doesn't really fit in, who makes a wish that she was

30; the 'magical age' according to her favorite magazine,

Poise, who say the phrase "thirty, flirty, and thriving"


Well, a second later she wakes up, stumbles out of bed,

looks in the mirror in confusion, and screams- for she is

30 years old... and miraculously gorgeous!

But one thing- she can't remember any of her past,

other than when she made her wish when she was 13.

It's a cute love story.

You should watch it.

PS- you probably can't
see this, but right there-
in the lower left hand corner
of the picture,
is says,
"13 going on 30' is the
best romantic comedy of
the year"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


EVERYONE: I've published at least 25 posts already.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on,
"Older Posts"
and read everything that I've posted on here.
Thank you.
Now I think I'll go eat some....carrots....

Your vegi-lovin' hobo,

Becky-Becca (whichever)


guys, i'm sick....i have a migrane so fearsome that i'm going to die without
getting a chance to travel to greece someday....
(that has always been my life long dream....since yesterday)
i'm going to go take some medicine.... maybe my mom will help me.
then I'll go to bed.

If finished a book the other day...

Called Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by: Ann Brashares.

And I loved it.
It's basicly the exciting story of four 15 year old best friends who go to new, exciting places over the summer. Read it!
Your hobo,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nooooo! But also so close...

You're probably confused about what the title meant. ^^
But I'll tell you.
The bus that I get on to go to school leaves at 7:45am sharp; just like almost every other school-bus.
Last night I had a rough sleep, filled with tossing and turnings, waking up in the middle of the night out of--" No no, I was actually awake at midnight, "Waking up in the early hours of morning... etc etc...."
I didn't have a nightmare. I never do. I probably only have a nightmare once every 5 years, and it will be something silly like this: (i had this when I was 7 and I still remember it)
I was in the basement and noticed that someone had put 2 large, hairy mammoths in front of the stairway, blocking the stairs.
A sign by the mammoths read, "Do not touch the Mammoths' butts"
I was curious, so I touched one of the mammoth's butts and ran up the stairs. Suddenly, I appeared in the garage and I was suddenly TERRIFIED that the mammoths would start chasing me.
Then I woke up, scared silly.
So we know that the bus leaves at 7:45...right? Or should I explain that? *Becca, we KNOW ALREADY! Get on with the fable...*
Well, I don't know what a fable is, but- SO.
I have a strange habit of turning off my alarm when it goes off and going back to sleep. But so far I have never been late for school because of that.
So this morning I turned off my alarm when it woke me up at 6 am (I needed to take a shower) Then went back to sleep and woke up again at
7:48 am !!!!
You know how in lots of stories the main character thinks he's dreaming so he squeezes his eyes shut and mutters, "wake up...wake up..." then pinches himself?
Well, I seriously did that. Really. I looked at the time, looked out the window, knew I was probably having a bad dream, squeezed my eyes shut, pinched myself, all that.
When I realized that I was NOT dreaming, I flew out of my room so fast that the door practically flew off the hinges, I washed my face, got dressed in the most outrageous outfit, (having no time to spend 20 minutes picking one out, I just grabbed the first things my hands touched: A gray, white and silver shirt with a pair of bright green shorts)
yanked my greesy hair into a sloppy ponytail, threw on flipflops, forgot breakfast, and while my mom banged around the kitchen making my lunch, I tried to calm down and remember all my homework. But I couldn't calm down! School started in 3 minutes!
My mom and I slammed the doors shut in our boring mini-van and screeched into the sunrise at full speed towards my Jr High.
And, (THIS IS TRUE!) I dropped in my assigned seat at the exact time the bell rang. It really is true.
Have you ever experianced that? I haven't.

Your exhasperated hobo,


Saturday, September 6, 2008

David + Violin

Did you know that I've NEVER watched American Idol before?
Well, I was on my cousin's blog and his theme song was a song
sung by David Archuleta that I really liked.
Click on this link to hear it>>>>
Maybe you could just minimize it and listen to it while you do things on the computer, cause this just shows one single picture of david archuleta the whole time, not that interesting.
So ya.....

BeCcA tHe HoBo

PS You know how I play the cello? well, my mom is going to teach me how to play the violin!!!! I'm going to be a musical hobo!

Friday, September 5, 2008

How I'm surviving

All I've ever heard about Jr High in Elementary school is practically that everyone is ONLY one of the following: (remember, this is what i heard)
wigget (girl who wears pounds of mascara, texts their boyfriends during class, wears miniskirts, etc etc.)
"cool" person who is not goth but does drugs
belongs to a mexican gang
or Plain.
But actually, I've enjoyed Jr High from the very first day.
Sure, there are tons of wigget-girls, (as explained above) mexican gangs, men with peircings (considered the "scary people")
and there are the nerds, and the plain people, like ME!
A lot of my friends are called sevvies (the nickame for "seventh graders")
and get pushed around and bumped like ever.

But guess what? I haven't been called a sevvie ONCE.
My cousin Ian says I look 15. A lady in my ward asked me if I was going in to 10th grade this year. When I was visiting my grandma's church, I was following the Beehives that I didn't know to their classrooms and a friend of my grandma's passed by and said, "The Miamaid's class is this way, sweetie..."
I look 15!
This is why I'm surviving Jr High. Because all the scary people are scared of me!
(Is that something to be happy about?)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dont' give up!

For those who don't like to click on links, this one you have to click on.
It's one of my favorite songs in the world.
It's called, You are loved [don't give up] by Josh Groban.
but it's such a beautiful song telling you not to give up because you are loved.
click on this link to watch it on youtube! >>>>

Ahhhhh....... it's so beautiful.......

Your sighing with delight hobo,



You probably won't believe this, but a teacher has never, Never, NEVER embarassed me before. I've just always naturally been a sweet angel in the back of the room that scowls and only raises her hand once or twice a year.
Well, today in my algebra class, my algebra teacher saw me using scratch paper (blank yellow paper from office max) on a 1 page math quiz. She shook her head at me and grabbed it right out from under my hand and didn't give it back until the end of class. WHAT'S WRONG WITH USING SCRATCH PAPER?!?! DID SHE EXPECT US TO DESTROY OUR PAPERS JUST FILLING IT WITH DOODLING CRAP?
I couldn't believe it. My face probably got as red as a cherry tomato. I didn't know, I swear! The girl behind me saw what happened and hesitantly hid her pad of blank white scratch paper. It makes me wonder how many others had scratch paper that the teacher didn't see.

Your troubled sighing hobo,

Becca _________

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Musical Day

Most of you probably don't know that I play the cello. I'm a beginner. I started cello lessons on the beloved day of July 7th 2008, and I'm still sticking with it.
If you play the piano well, cello will be EASY!!!
Well, ya.
I play the cello. Just so you know.

YoUr FeLlOw HoBo,

Becca :)

ps, I can play Ode to Joy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Raining in Lagoon!

In my last post you know how I said my family and me were going to
Well, we went today. We woke up EXTREMELY early because we thought it opened at
9. All the way there it was raining Raining RAINING!!!
It was even snowing and hailing, says my aunt Heather who was on the freeway headed to Lagoon, also.
Then we got there and the parking lot was completely empty! So we drove aroung a while
and found a redbox in the back of a McDonalds and rented Nancy Drew which we hadn't seen yet.
We watched half of the movie then Lagoon opened and we were running in, soaking wet and extremely cold. It stayed pouring in Lagoon for I think about 2 hours. There were no lines. There were probably only about a hand-full of people besides us that I could see there. We didn't even have to wait to ride a ride. We just walked right in! Then about 1:30-2:00 the sun came out and dried us off. It was still a little chilly, but the sun was out, all the gray clouds had magically vanished, the sky was a cloudless blue, and there was barely anyone in the whole park. We practically just walked right on to any ride we wanted to.
Then later on, several people came, though we didn't have to wait 45 minutes in line for a ride, we only waited about 5 minutes for a ride.
And it was NOT hot at all!!
Here are all the rides I went on and how many times I went on them:

The rickety white roller-coster= 1
Wicked = 4
Colossoss= 1
Music Express = 1
Tidal Wave = 1
Terror Ride = 1
Dracula's Castle = 1
Rock O' Plane = 1
Ski Lift = 3
And many many more that I cannot name.

Your fellow hobo,